Update: Coach Jerry Kill

Coach Jerry Kill Takes Leave of Absence

As you may have heard, University of Minnesota Football Coach Jerry Kill has taken a leave of absence from his coaching duties to focus on treating and better managing his epilepsy and seizures.

All of us at the Epilepsy Foundation consider Coach Kill a hero and a friend and wish him a speedy recovery. The Epilepsy Foundation family echoes the words of Vicki Kopplin, executive director of the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota: 

“The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota applauds the University of Minnesota’s support of Coach Kill for his leave to seek further treatment for his epilepsy — 60,000 people in Minnesota and North Dakota have epilepsy and many of them are in our workforce,” Vicki Kopplin said. “Thankfully there are medical leave laws that protect people when dealing with health issues. The Foundation is eager for Coach Kill to return to the sidelines.”


As you may already know, Coach Jerry Kill at the University of Minnesota had a seizure on the sidelines during a Gophers game. The media response was very mixed with some columnists making some unfortunate accusations and assumptions about Coach’s abilities to stay on the job.

The Epilepsy Foundation had posted an editorial written by our Chair Warren Lammert (http://www.epilepsy.com/article/we-stand-with-coach-kill-91613).  

At the bottom of the linked page  is a link to the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota’s website, where they have put together a campaign encouraging all Minnesotans to stand with Coach Kill. We applaud and appreciate the fantastic work of Vicki Kopplin and her team. They continue to do an outstanding job supporting Coach Kill and his family, as well as being a great resource for the University of Minnesota.

 We also thank and acknowledge Coach for his leadership and great example. He is a role model for all of us.