Stronger Together

Two young people affected by Epilepsy, Chad Logan Wilson and Paige George, have teamed up Kennedy Vineyard  to raise money for a cure for Epilepsy and raise Epilepsy Awareness! They have taken an estate wine decorated with an Epilepsy Awareness label, where all sales will be donated to The Epilepsy Foundation.

This past November $2,000 were raised from the wine sales!

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Chad Logan Wilson

Chad Logan Wilson had his first epileptic seizure in the spring of 2006.  It was early in the morning and I thought he was just restless, so when I went in to check on him he was like a fish out of water! I seriously didn’t know what was going on! I yelled for my husband and he ran down as I called 911. Chad Logan turned gray and what I thought was foaming out of the mouth! He seized and convulsed for a long time! We went to the ER where they did a cat scan. Everything seemed fine. All clear. About a month went by and he had another full body convulsion! This time our pediatrician sent us to Dayton children’s. There they did a MRI, blood work, and a EKG, and eventually a heart test. (EEG) – all normal and clear. This is when Dayton children’s explained to me vaguely that he had epilepsy and needed medication. This wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted answers and I wanted to know why. That’s when we were referred to Cinci children’s! That’s when I got a full understanding of his grandmal seizures and his diagnose of epilepsy . Since then Logan would  have breakthrough seizures with medicine, and they would adjust meds and make sure nothing had changed at home ect. When Logan went into his freshman year, right before Christmas, 2011, he had several gram mal seizures – he was not like I had ever seen him! They started weaning him off lamictical, put him on Ativan, and started him on topomax! I had never seen him like i did in the months to follow! But, like always, he persevered, stayed strong, continued to play football and excel!!

My son is a young man like you will never meet! He is an old soul with a young spirit!! He does not like to acknowledge his disability! His dream was to join the marines! That’s not gonna happen! Now, he wants to pursue criminal justice! A cop. Scary for a mom! But I support anything and everything he will ever do!! He’s currently a jr at arcanum high school. He just this year got a 504 for some extra help. Focus is an issue for him! He has not had a seizure on almost 3 years! He has his drivers license, he doesn’t stay out late, he takes good care of his body with working out, eating well, and taking his medication on time every day!! It’s important to him!! I pray everyday that he stays seizure free!! He has decided at this time to stay on his meds. I support that decision! He has learned to not use epilepsy as a crutch a bit to much! Like almost denial! He just wants to be considered normal!

Paige Taylor George

Paige Taylor George had her first diagnosed seizure at the age of 2.  However, a year prior to that we as parents knew something was wrong but could not get our pediatrician to acknowledge our concern.  When she was 2 years old she had a grand mal seizure.  We were told she had pneumonia but once we had followed up with her PCP that was not the case.  She was then sent to Children’s Hospital of Dayton.  They discovered she had generalized epilepsy and started treatment immediately.  Things were okay for a while but it reared its ugly head again.  She was considered as “difficult to treat” and was sent onto the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.  She has suffered many injuries from her seizures.  She had a status epilepticus event which put her into a coma.  However, She came out fighting.    Cleveland Clinic at this point stepped in.  They have been a major pillar in her life.  She has had 3 Vagus Nerve Stimulators placed which have proved to reduce her seizures.  She has every cocktail of medication treatment but with multiple break through seizures.  She is now 20 years old .  She is on a new medication regimen that appears to be working.  She holds down a job and without a driver’s license, which she is not allowed to have due to her epilepsy.  Her father, brother, grandmother,  boyfriend and myself provide all her transportation.  She is very outgoing and vibrant.  She is spirited from the inside out.  She loves animals and giving to others.  She also participates in fashion shows which is her ultimate passion.   She pretends her epilepsy is just something she has to deal with.  She never mentions it in fear of scaring others away.

Logan and Paige have chosen to spend their energy in fighting for epilepsy awareness.  They made this decision to raise funds in a unique way.  They wanted to capture the attention of others.   This started back in the spring of 2014.  Their goal was to provide science with more funding to discover a cure for epilepsy.  This was made possible through the collaboration between Kennedy Vineyard (New Madison , Ohio), Kyra Smith Photographer (Arcanum, Ohio) Paige George (New Madison, Ohio) and Logan Wilson (Arcanum, Ohio).

November 1st is the big kick off for  the epilepsy event in honor of Paige and Logan.  It will be held at Kennedy Vineyard  3911 State Route 722, New Madison, Ohio 43546.  All wine sale proceeds will be donated to the Ohio Epilepsy Foundation.